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- Reinforced steel chassis.
- Transmission redirected by pulleys with bearings.
- Includes dorsal, biceps / triceps handlebars and handles.
- Selection of the workload by adjusting the force lever. 
- More than 35 exercices allowed 
- Complete descriptive exercise guide.
- Workload: Plates not required. It uses the weight of the user and modifies the strength by easy adjustment of force lever to a maximum of 120% of the weight of the user.
- Dimensions: 137 x 107 x 223 cm.

- Upper pulley for pulling exercises (triceps, dorsal ...).
- Lower pulley multifunction (biceps, deltoid, dorsal,
adductors, gluteus ...).
- Leg extension with self-adjusting footrests.
- Press and Pull arms
- Grips for chest contractions.